After a long gap, i managed some time to visit the Lalaport Shopping Mall in Yokohama City.

Sharing some of the shots on the way.

As i was on my way to the store, i find this little girl playing balloon inside the store. Her parents were busy in shopping and she was busy with playing.
A little boy building confidence in slipping game.
Oh! She is so tired. She wants her mom to carry on her back.
Hurry up little girl, your mom is waiting for you.
Mom is feeling sleepy.
A young lady with dread lock hair after shopping.
Oh little boy and girl. Boy with balloon and girl in her mood.


14 thoughts on “Kidsplay

  1. Hi, great pics as always from you. I was wondering how you go about taking pictures of people in public places. Do ask them before or after you click? And with children, do you ask permission of the parent or person in charge? I’m just curious that’s all. I travelled round America for 2 months this summer but was shy to take photos of people as much as I would have liked to have done. I guess the problem with asking permission first is that you lose that immediacy and spontaneity of the moment. Thanks, Colin


    1. Hi Colin, First of thanks for liking my photography. I never ask for the permission to take their photograph because i don’t want to miss that immediacy and spontaneity of the moment. Usually people never notice that i am taking their picture. If somebody does, i just take thank you and get out from that place. People in Japan are so kind that they never gets angry to you. They smile back 🙂


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