Shibuya street on Christmas Eve 2016

I took a short stroll on the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo on Christmas eve.

Sharing some of the interesting street shots.

Merry Christmas.

Punk black guy in his own mood. 
Jack sparrow busy on his mobile phone. 
Huge ashtray. 
Two Japanese teens busy in eating.
Oh! the small statue boy about to kick her.. kkk
Hmm..busy on her phone
Waiting for green signal in Shibuya Crossing.
Oh! Something wrong with her sandal.
Homeless man reading novel.
Sleepy and tired Santa Claus…

18 thoughts on “Shibuya street on Christmas Eve 2016

  1. Amazing Street photography.. it strikes me as sad though that so many people are so focussed on their phones that they lose sight of the beauty around them every day.. Thank goodness you’re there to capture it for us to look at instead and to give me and others an insight into a World we would otherwise never experience… thank you that’s precious! x

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  2. Wow! Wonderful photography. I loved Shibuya Street when I was in Tokyo and spent a lot of time just people watching (from Starbucks – great free place with a good view). The night time street theatre was brilliant.

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